Upgrading Your Switchboard

Your dmSwitchboard12 is highly upgradeable. If you would like to talk some ideas through why not call the support team, who can run you through the available options.


Add more direct dial inwards (DDI) numbers

dmSwitchboard12 can have direct dial numbers (DDI) to all Reception, Team and Personal extensions. Once you have purchased the numbers, you can make a minor change to your plan to associate them with the extension. The next time that your plan is activated the numbers will be pointed to your switchboard. Call the support team if you would like a block of numbers.

Save your customers' time by allowing them to dial extensions directly

If your customer is calling you frequently, or you would like a customer to return a call directly to a team of person, then this is very handy.

Acess the switchboard from landlines and mobiles at any time

You can login to a personal extension on the switchboard using CLI authentication. This can be very handy for controlling your switchboard, calling colleagues, having the right Caller ID when calling clients, saving money on phone bills, when you are calling from landlines or mobiles.

Turn your switchboard into a powerful calling card system for access from landlines with an 0800 number

If you have people who are wasting money on overpriced calls from their landlines, then an 0800 number coupled with CLI authenticated login may be a great way of slashing phone bills.

Track your sales leads

If you are spending lots of money on marketing, then it can be useful to know which activity is earning its keep. A simple solution is to have seperate phone numbers for people to respond to, and then you can have a clear indication of the successful activities.

Add dmAnswers14 to improve message taking

dmAnswers14 As the owner of a modern small business you are probably always busy! If a potential customer calls when you are unavailable, the opportunity for future business may be lost forever - but paying for someone to answer your calls professionally can become very expensive. With dmAnswers14, professional call answering is now affordable for any size of business.

You can answer calls yourself when you are available… and when you're not, we will answer them for you - professionally, in your company name, and according to your instructions.

Add ProVoiceOver

You can record your own voice-overs on dmSwitchboard, but you may be pleasantly surprised how quickly and professionally our VoiceOver artist can do the job. It's creates a very nice first impression.