dmConnect 12 Case Studies: Using your business line

However and whereever you do business,
your dmConnect12 business line can help your business to grow.


Be 'in the office' when you are out of the office

Janet is a graphic designer and runs her business from her home office. She works for a number of local companies and she is often out of the office visiting clients. She also takes her young son to school in the morning and picks him up in the afternoon.

Janet promotes her dmConnect12 business number on her website and business cards and regularly receives calls from potential clients when she is out of the office. She set up her dmConnect12 service to forward unanswered incoming calls to her mobile so that she never misses a call. Janet likes the fact that dmConnect12 announces the call so that she is reminded to answer the call in her company name. Janet also likes that she can make outgoing calls through her business line using her mobile phone handset, even when there is no Internet access. The people that she calls will still see her business line as the caller identification number despite the call being made through her mobile phone.


Never miss a call

Gary runs a local plumbing service. Most of the time he is out with clients busy working on plumbing jobs. Gary knows the importance of responding quickly to calls, and when he was using only his mobile phone he lost out on a lot of business. Using his dmConnect12 business number, all incoming calls now ring on Gary's mobile whilst also ringing on a VoIP handset in his office which his wife answers when she is available. On the rare occasions that neither are able to answer the phone, the call gets forwarded to a call answering service that will take a message and immediately email the details to Gary. He believes his income has increased by over 20% by never missing a call.


Present the right image

Julie has started a management consultancy business. Julie wants to work with large corporates and she wants her business to look like an established businesses, so that larger firms give her a try. Julie is based in Guildford but wanted to have a London address and telephone number without having the expense of a London office. She set up a mailbox forwarding service and chose a London telephone number for her dmConnect12 business line. No matter where Julie is, she is able to make calls to clients and prospects knowing that her London number will appear as her caller identification number.


A service that develops with your business

Toby runs a software company and has used his dmConnect12 business line to make and receive calls when working from him home office, his club in tech city, and when working at client sites. Toby's business is now starting to grow quite rapidly and he is starting to take on his first employees who will each need to have a business number so that they can also make and receive calls from clients. Toby loved the fact that he was able to upgrade his dmConnect12 business line to have more sophisticated functionality for his growing business. For example, callers now direct their call by choosing from a menu. Toby was able to keep his business number and call settings and simply add to what he already had in place.

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