dmConnect 12 Call Costs and Savings

Like any other business line, you will incur costs when you make outgoing calls through your business line and when calls are diverted to your mobile phone or another landline.

Our call costs are very competitive with other VoIP telephony providers and in this section we outline what the costs are and then you can see how they compare, along with other savings you can expect when using your dmConnect12 business line.

Call forwarding costs

There is no cost for receiving calls through your dmConnect12 webphone or your VoIP handset. Like other telephony providers, there are costs associated with forwarding calls to your mobile phone or to a landline. For UK geographical numbers, the costs associated with forwarding your calls to your mobile or a landline are the same as if you were making an outbound call.

dmConnect12 call cost summary
dmConnect 12 Rates Geo Mobile
UK 1.25 8.00 *1
2/3 rds of world 1.85 *2 8.00 *3
UK Freephone 0.00

Prices in pence per minute.
See full tariff list (link below) for details and exceptions.
*1 – The big 5 mobile operators.
*2 – Excludes some dependencies and rural areas
*2 - Includes Mobile where they are similar to Geo
*3 – Many exceptions, but we've tried to achieve this wherever possible.

Cost Savings

dmConnect12 offers many savings over other suppliers. Here is a summary of the savings:

Call to UK-GEO-London number e.g. +44-20-7060-1234

45 second call 3 minute 30 second call
Using Cost Saving Cost Saving
dmCalls12 3 5
Skype 5.3 43% 9.5 47%
BT Residential 21.1 86% 44.9 89%
BT Business 6 50% 34 85%

Call to UK Mobile Vodafone number e.g. +44-7775-123-123

45 second call 3 minute 30 second call
Using Cost Saving Cost Saving
dmCalls12 6 28
Skype 21.6 72% 66.5 58%
BT Residential 24.4 75% 58.3 52%
BT Business 31 81% 33 15%

Call to geographic number in Sydney, Australia e.g. +61-2-1234-1234

45 second call 3 minute 30 second call
Using Cost Saving Cost Saving
dmCalls12 3 7
Skype 5.3 43% 9.5 47%
BT Residential 41.9 93% 128.3 95%
BT Business 24 88% 24 71%

All calls are daytime and prices are in pence and exclude VAT.

Save on outbound calling

This is traditionally where there have been many cost savings to be made. We have done a comparison of some standard calls, with different durations. In some cases it is hard to find out what the tariffs of the supplier are, or if you do find them, they are often complicated. Frequently the complexity hides some surprisingly large charges.

In this example we have chosen 3 destinations and compared against Skype, as a leading VOIP supplier, and BT standard Residential and Business tariffs.

The relative simplicity of the dmConnect12 tariff correlates with the savings of 15-93% against these alternatives. BT does have a wide variety of complex options, however we think that they are complex for a good reason! Many residential BT customers were shocked to discover that BT charges 13.1p just to connect a call to a UK landline! In all a "standard BT residential customer" pays 21.1 pence for a 45 second national call, versus our 3 pence.

See our full tariff

Avoid non-inclusive
mobile phone charges

Mobile phone calls can become very expensive the moment you stop calling one of the headline prices. They may charge you 40p to call a FreePhone number! Their call tariffs to the rest of the world are positively old fashioned. With "CLI authenticated login" you can call your Personal Extension DDI, and then make calls at our dmCalls12 rates. You will still have to pay the mobile cost to the Personal Extension, but that is likely to be "free" or "within your inclusive minutes".

Save on roaming costs

Making and receiving calls via the internet (e.g. to WebPhone or an App on your smartphone) is particularly good value when you are overseas, as you avoid roaming costs, and inflated overseas origination costs.

You can temporarily divert your calls to a local mobile phone to receive your calls.

Save on the cost of having a physical equipment in the office

There is no need for a physical telephone line to be installed, no need for telecoms cabling, or even the cost of a telephone handset when you set up your mobile to make and receive calls.

Save on BT line rental

We would suggest that you keep one line for emergencies (e.g. 999 calls, or if you ISP is having a bad day), and if you want to keep your fax machine.

You can fit a lot of phone calls down your ADSL line!

Save on having a physical VOIP handset

Try our WebPhone, it's very easy to use, and extremely powerful. It is also very convenient to be able to place calls from your computer.