dmAnswers14 Pricing

dmClub has been helping small businesses communicate more effectively for over 20 years. dmAnswers14 has been specifically designed to be affordable for any size of business, while keeping the pricing simple and transparent.

Cutting CostsZero call diversion costs

Call diversion costs occur when your telephone number is diverted to your professional call answering service. With dmAnswers14 you can choose your own, geographically relevant, number for anywhere in the UK. Use this number on your business card, website, and marketing materials, and incur zero call diversion costs for calls received directly by dmAnswers14 on this number.

Low call answering costs

With over 10 years experience answering calls for customers, we know that many calls require less that 30 seconds of an agent's time. However, professional call answering services typically charge for a full minute. We charge for agents' time in 30-second units during UK office hours (8am to 6pm) and in 20 second units at all other times. A unit costs just 58p. Pre-paid packages are available for even greater savings.

Low monthly charge

The only monthly charge payable is £3 per month rental for your dmClub geographical number. If you already have a dmClub geographical number, then dmAnswers14 is available without any additional monthly charge.

Money-back guarantee

dmAnswers14 is covered by our standard 14 day money-back guarantee. Try dmAnswers14 with confidence - if you are not completely satisfied with the service, we will refund your £3 rental and up to £5 of answers.

Cost comparisons

See how dmAnswers14 compares with two other leading low-cost professional call answering services. Be sure to look at the total cost of calls and not just the cost of answering.

This example is based on a call length of 25 seconds. The call is answered and a message is taken, which is then immediately sent via email.


 dm-Answers14All Day PABest Reception
Cost per unit 58p 80p 125p
Unit length 30 seconds 60 seconds 60 seconds
Monthly charge £3 £27 £30
Call answering cost £0.58 £0.80 £1.25
Call diversion 0 £0.19* £0.19*
Patch to mobile 0 0 0
Cost per call £0.58 £0.99 £1.44

* BT Business Rate 12 month contract, £1.60 without contract!

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