dmAnswers14 Overview

Operator with headsetWith dmAnswers14 you never need miss an important call again!

If a potential customer calls when you are unavailable, the opportunity for future business may be lost forever - but paying for someone to answer your calls professionally can become very expensive. With dmAnswers14, professional call answering is now affordable for any size of business.

You can answer calls yourself when you’re available... and when you’re not, our UK-based agents will answer them for you - professionally, in your company name, and according to your instructions.

The difference between dmAnswers14 and regular call answering services is that our service is not just affordable for companies with large call volumes. We have designed our service so that companies with very low or irregular call volumes can afford the service too. There are no monthly call commitments - You simply pay as you go. 

Our call answering service is very flexible - you do not need to have every call professionally answered but there may be times when you can use some extra call answering capacity. For example:

  • When you are on the other line

  • When you are on holiday
  • When you are in a meeting
  • When you are short-staffed
  • Outside your normal office hours

Just use your smartphone app to turn the service on and off to suit your needs. 

Our agents are all UK-based and are trained to answer calls professionally as well as gather important information.

It can cost as little as 58p to have a call answered professionally. There is no minimum monthly spend and there is a 14 day money-back guarantee.

dmAnswers14 is operated by dmClub - an innovative telephony provider that has been successfully serving small businesses for more than 20 years.

Buy your dmAnswers14 starter package right now and get peace of mind that you never need miss an important call again.


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